Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 24, 2016

This week was kind of slow. We've had many appointments fall through
because of their busy schedules, so we had very few lessons this week.
One of which was a long discussion with a member who had lots of
questions about how mentally ill find comfort through God, and if
they're even capable of committing sin, and if so then how are they
able to repent. That was an interesting discussion. I think the
members should leave their questions for the bishop to answer. Because
we have a lot of members wasting our time expecting us to answer these
types of obscure questions. But because we had nothing else to do, it
was fine to just sit and to share our thoughts. I think that their
just trying to test our knowledge, and if we fail to satisfy their
expectations then they report us to the mission president (which their
not even supposed to have a contact of because of this very reason).

This p-day me and my companion went bowling with a bunch of other
missionaries. I've improved a lot, but not too much since last time. I
got up to 120 and had 4 strikes in one game vs one strike last time
we've played.. While my companion got 235 with his ten strikes. He's
says he's not even good, but I think so. Maybe I just suck really bad.
After bowling we went hiking up in City Creek Canyon on Freedom Trail
which is by Memory Grove Park. Lot of walking. I was hoping to hike up
a big mountain. But it didn't turn out the way I was hoping it would.
There was no big mountain to climb, and it was just a trail that
looped around a tiny park. So that was kind of boring. Maybe next time
we'll climb a REAL mountain and see snow and  have a beautiful view of
the valley and take pictures and all of that kind of stuff.

Elder Randall
Look Who ran into to me!
Elder "Jeff" Van Buren!

October 7, 2016

This week our zone gathered together for a p-day activity and went bowling. That was a lot of fun, especially when I learned how to spin the ball. I think I got to 100. My companion was getting turkeys.
One of the investigators we're teaching is funny. He has a lot of questions and wonders if some Mormons take pills to make them happy. He has a hard time understanding faith. He's sees the world through a scientific perspective but is agonistic towards religion. He is always praying for a "sign" whenever we challenge him to pray. He says once he wins the mega millions lottery then he'll believe and be baptized. And he's always talking about what he would do with the money once he had it. So after the second lesson, we challenged him to read Alma 32.

We just received a new assignment from our mission president last week. Two hours of tracting is now part of our daily schedule. Elder Hashey wasn't too happy about it at first since he's never had to tract for his entire mission (22 months). He also thought that tracting in the greater avenues would be pointless because of how liberal the people are. But blessings came from obedience because we now have a return appointment after our second door. I thought we would never tract because of how many referrals we receive, but tracting is fun, especially since the weather is getting cooler.

October 10, 2016

This week the investigator scheduled for the 8th was baptized yesterday. His name is Felix Bonamou, he is from Guinea Africa and speaks only French. We were able to teach him through a translator (his wife) the lessons before baptism. For his baptism he assigned my trainer to perform the first ordinance while I did the second. My trainer was determined to memorize the prayer in French for Felix, and so he did. He did a great job as soon as he was reminded the first few words of the prayer. The confirmation was done the next day at church, and was performed by me. It was something I never thought I would do, and I was afraid at first because of not knowing what to say. But with the spirit, I was able to memorize the prayer and recite it without missing a word. So that gave me confidence for the future.

This p-day, me and my trainer went bowling with a bunch of other missionaries. My trainer is pretty good at bowling and gets at least one turkey every game. I didn't do very well at first, so I was taught how to spin the ball. After learning the technique I was able to improve my score. After playing a few games, we all went to a member's home to sit around and to play games for the rest of p-day. Of course shopping was done before p-day was over.

Here are the baptism picture of me Felix my trainer and family.

October 3, 2016

 My first week experience like most has been quite a haze, but I got through it somehow. Lots of adjusting for sure. My trainer's name is Elder Hashey, and he just turned 26. So far all my companions have been at least 5 years older than me—just a random fact. Terrific trainer. 
My second week went by much smoother. Made multiple visits and taught several lessons to recent investigators. I can definitely say that teaching people has gotten a lot easier over the past few weeks. So as far as baptisms go.. I've got two people on date, one for the 8th, and the other (maybe) for the 15th. One is currently struggling with the Word of Wisdom and has trouble with addiction, but really wants to be baptized. So it really makes it hard to guarantee that the baptism will be held at its set date. Hopefully things will work out. The other is all set and ready for a baptismal interview. So it's nice to know that we have at least one for sure baptism this month.

September 26, 2016

Hi Kaylee! Thank you for the letters. I'm doing okay. My companion is funny, he laughs all the time, he's also really old, he like 26 right now, he doesn't act like he's 26 though. The apartment is kind of old, it's not like the apartments we lived in. It's basically an old house with separate rooms or apartments. I ate my penne noodles with sauce and cheese, just like the noodles I eat at home. I didn't make the cake yet because we don't have the right pans. I still have the cake mix and candles. Next year maybe.. Our schedule is breakfast in the morning, read scriptures, get ready, then we'd go outside and walk to an appointment. After lunch we visit less active members for the rest of the day till dinner at 5:00. For dinner we usually eat whatever the members give us, like papa murphy's, papa johns, or subway. We don't eat at member's house too often, they just give us food because their lazy I guess. We're not too busy so it not really hard. We walk most of the time. It a good thing we have perfect weather over here unlike Alabama. It stays pretty cool most of the day, and it's only going to get colder since Utah is closer to winter. Anyway. How's max and Ally doing? Can you send a picture? Is psycho still alive?

September 19, 2016

I'm in the Joseph Smith memorial building right now. I do like my trainer. He's 25 and really cool. The MTC was fun. We grew really close as a district, so I kind of miss them. We all have each other's emails so we still keep in touch. Class was around 10 hours a day so that was pretty boring. Did you ever go on to byu tv to watch the mtc devotionals? M rustle Ballard and some other dude spoke at the meetings. It was great. But my favorite part was the special musical, where missionary's with great talent were able to perform. Super cool, you should have watched, it's also possible that you could have seen me. I was an usher directing traffic in one of the meetings. We had a testimony meeting as a district the night before we departed. We all shared our testimony, It was a great spiritual experience. We all cried.  After the mtc, we boarded the train and left for salt lake. We got to stop by the mission office where me and you visited before the mtc. After that, we had dinner and spent the night at the mission home. The next day we got our iPads and we're assigned to our new companions. His name is Elder Hashey. We literally live a few blocks away from temple square. This is our apartment. See the door under the stairs?

September 13, 2016

Hi Mom! I just got through eating dinner at the mission home. It's strange how different home cooked food is compared to mtc food. It makes me appreciate real food. I didn't like the food served at the mtc. Before we ate, we visited temple square and walked through the visiting centers just like you did with me. The mission president is similar to president Hanks, but a little more serious. I wish I could have been there to celebrate Dad's birthday. I like hanging out at the Bozemans, but like you said, i'm in a more important place right now do the Lord's work. I'll let you know where my first area is next monday. I'm glad to hear that I have packages on the way! I love packages! Thank you Mom!

September 9, 2016

Date: Fri, Sep 9, 2016 7:31 PM
Today is my last p-day. My comp's name is Elder Lane and is 25. I forgot the cord for my camera so I can't upload the pictures. We've gone to the temple twice. The best part is my district, the worst part is the food. The picture of the temple is on my watch so I can't upload it. Make sure he's still alive when I get home. I love you!