Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 24, 2016

This week was kind of slow. We've had many appointments fall through
because of their busy schedules, so we had very few lessons this week.
One of which was a long discussion with a member who had lots of
questions about how mentally ill find comfort through God, and if
they're even capable of committing sin, and if so then how are they
able to repent. That was an interesting discussion. I think the
members should leave their questions for the bishop to answer. Because
we have a lot of members wasting our time expecting us to answer these
types of obscure questions. But because we had nothing else to do, it
was fine to just sit and to share our thoughts. I think that their
just trying to test our knowledge, and if we fail to satisfy their
expectations then they report us to the mission president (which their
not even supposed to have a contact of because of this very reason).

This p-day me and my companion went bowling with a bunch of other
missionaries. I've improved a lot, but not too much since last time. I
got up to 120 and had 4 strikes in one game vs one strike last time
we've played.. While my companion got 235 with his ten strikes. He's
says he's not even good, but I think so. Maybe I just suck really bad.
After bowling we went hiking up in City Creek Canyon on Freedom Trail
which is by Memory Grove Park. Lot of walking. I was hoping to hike up
a big mountain. But it didn't turn out the way I was hoping it would.
There was no big mountain to climb, and it was just a trail that
looped around a tiny park. So that was kind of boring. Maybe next time
we'll climb a REAL mountain and see snow and  have a beautiful view of
the valley and take pictures and all of that kind of stuff.

Elder Randall
Look Who ran into to me!
Elder "Jeff" Van Buren!

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