Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 7, 2016

This week our zone gathered together for a p-day activity and went bowling. That was a lot of fun, especially when I learned how to spin the ball. I think I got to 100. My companion was getting turkeys.
One of the investigators we're teaching is funny. He has a lot of questions and wonders if some Mormons take pills to make them happy. He has a hard time understanding faith. He's sees the world through a scientific perspective but is agonistic towards religion. He is always praying for a "sign" whenever we challenge him to pray. He says once he wins the mega millions lottery then he'll believe and be baptized. And he's always talking about what he would do with the money once he had it. So after the second lesson, we challenged him to read Alma 32.

We just received a new assignment from our mission president last week. Two hours of tracting is now part of our daily schedule. Elder Hashey wasn't too happy about it at first since he's never had to tract for his entire mission (22 months). He also thought that tracting in the greater avenues would be pointless because of how liberal the people are. But blessings came from obedience because we now have a return appointment after our second door. I thought we would never tract because of how many referrals we receive, but tracting is fun, especially since the weather is getting cooler.

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