Tuesday, October 25, 2016

September 26, 2016

Hi Kaylee! Thank you for the letters. I'm doing okay. My companion is funny, he laughs all the time, he's also really old, he like 26 right now, he doesn't act like he's 26 though. The apartment is kind of old, it's not like the apartments we lived in. It's basically an old house with separate rooms or apartments. I ate my penne noodles with sauce and cheese, just like the noodles I eat at home. I didn't make the cake yet because we don't have the right pans. I still have the cake mix and candles. Next year maybe.. Our schedule is breakfast in the morning, read scriptures, get ready, then we'd go outside and walk to an appointment. After lunch we visit less active members for the rest of the day till dinner at 5:00. For dinner we usually eat whatever the members give us, like papa murphy's, papa johns, or subway. We don't eat at member's house too often, they just give us food because their lazy I guess. We're not too busy so it not really hard. We walk most of the time. It a good thing we have perfect weather over here unlike Alabama. It stays pretty cool most of the day, and it's only going to get colder since Utah is closer to winter. Anyway. How's max and Ally doing? Can you send a picture? Is psycho still alive?

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