Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 28th 2016

            Was it a good picture? I never got to see it. We were at the Trump's
            eating our second thanksgiving dinner. We hung out with them for the
            rest of the night playing games and stuff. They're a really cool
            family. My companion knows them really well, since he's already spent
            Christmas with them last year. So before them, we had our first
            thanksgiving dinner at the church. We cover two wards in our area now.
            I don't know if I told you yet. And the two wards meet at the same
            building starting at 9:30am(just like how Ensley used to be!) and
            1:00pm for the other ward. They both collaborated and held a huge
            thanksgiving potluck at the church. There was so much food! But we
            didn't eat that much because we had already planned to eat at a
            member's house shortly after.

            I got the package last Friday! Thank you so much! I love the silly
            little solar turkey haha. I got more pizza now too. The tie is super
            cool and sooo cheap! Really? 90% off?!? Wow! I would've liked another
            one for that price, since there're so cheap. Thank you for the canned
            air and also my favorite aloha bars.

            It snowed a bunch today. I need to take pictures because I don't think
            I've ever seen so much snow in my life. Kaylee's going to be jealous.
            I didn't buy a jacket yet. I really don't think I need one. I've been
            just fine with the the light coat I brought, and my butt's still
            intact so I think I'm good. Remember I never get cold! Haha. Me and my
            companion walked to temple square one night to look at the lights and
            it was packed! There were so many members! We couldn't walk 10 feet
            without running into someone who needed their picture taken. So we
            left after taking countless pictures of families.

            Our investigators are doing great. One of them has almost quit smoking
            completely after doing it for over 40 years. We have a new
            investigator named Sergio. He's 19 and very interested in the church.
            He's going to be baptized December 10th. We have others too but
            they're a little flaky and don't seem that interested anymore. Super

            Tyler sent me some of his wedding and honeymoon pictures and it made
            me really sad. I don't have a brother anymore!!!!!!!!!!! Why did he
            get married?!?!! That's sooooooooo weird!!!!!!!!!! He's definitely not
            the Tyler I knew a year ago. What do you think of it?? Anyway.. Thank
            you for forcing everyone to write me a letter. I love getting stuff in
            the mail!

            7 months seems about right, since it already takes a lifetime to get
            anything done around the house. So do you still have a tv in there? 
            I would like to see a

            I bet you love not having me there to pick up Kaylee from seminary every
            morning. At least you have a car with seat warmers that's parked in
            the garage rather than one that doesn't have seat warmers and gets
            freezing from sitting outside in the cold weather..hint...hint..

            I'm starting to take nrf1 now, and I'm getting better at taking nrf2
            everyday. I need one of those daily pill box reminders so I don't
            forget as easy. I'm all good with axio. I think I still have around 30

            I hope you're doing great too! Love you too Mom!!!

            Love, Elder Randall

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