Wednesday, January 11, 2017

December 12th 2016

Last week was transfers!!!! I'm no longer with Elder Hashey anymore!!!
He's dead!!! I killed my dad!!!!! So my new companion is Elder
Swalberg. He's 18 and is from Dallas Texas. He is a super awesome
missionary, and is very enthusiastic about missionary work. We both
get along really well are excited to serve together.
Last Saturday Sergio was baptized!! He's was really excited about it.
Also, Christine I forgot to mention was also baptized the week before.
It was great!! I'm really excited for them. Hopefully they'll
eventually become strong and faithful members of the church.

Today for pday I took my companion to the bowling alley. Is was his
first time in a long time and he really enjoyed it. After that we ate
lunch with an awesome member that he knows really well. His name is
Wade. He's loud, funny, obnoxious (he's one of those old guys that joke
about being fat and ugly) in his 60s, retired and pretty dang wealthy,
but you would never know unless you asked.  He drives an ugly Kia and
wears cheap clothes. But what's really cool about him is that he loves
serving the missionaries. He treats us like we're his own kids or
something. He's always offering to take us to lunch or dinner if we
don't have one scheduled. Or he's always offering to buy us things
like a new coat, shoes, a bike if we can't afford one, and things of
that sort. He's a great example of someone who uses his money for
something besides himself.
So after lunch, Wade dropped us off at a zone pday activity at the
church. We did basketball, cards, bored games and all that "fun"
missionary stuff.
Wade picked us up after. Wade calls himself the Mormon taxi driver
because he's always driving the missionaries around. We stopped by
temple square and walked around for a little bit because my companion
has never seen the lights. Wade took pictures of us and sent them to
my Mom. After that he took us to a restaurant and had a nice dinner.

Elder Brandon