Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 13th 2017

Talking about the Atonement?? Pfffft!! What an easy subject! lol I bet
you could talk for 30 minutes if you wanted to haha. I hope it goes
  The first thing I've learned as a missionary is that the MTC was
REALLY boring now that know what REAL mission life is like. They do a
good job on teaching us how to teach, But they focus too much on what
we have to do to be a missionary and too little on how to STAY a
missionary when things get tough. When I'm trying, rejection is the
least of my worries. I don't care if somebody doesn't want to hear our
message, it's their choice on whether they want to listen to us or
not. And if they don't then so be it! They miss out on learning about
faith and repentance which gives you hope and makes you feel 1000x
better about yourself while changing your whole perspective on life.
Staying on a mission is the biggest struggle for a lot of
missionaries. I say this because I know a lot of missionaries that
either went home because they missed their family too much, or that
they felt like that they were wasting their time, or that they felt
they weren't prepared, or that they did not know the gospel, or since
now they've learned the gospel they then decide to go back to repent.
I came to the conclusion that a mission is hard. Especially after
experiencing the things I've experienced.
  The thing that got me the most and many other missionaries I knew is
having to deal with your weaknesses everyday. I never felt so
inadequate in my life. There were days where I didn't feel like being
a missionary because of how much I sucked at talking or how much I
sucked at keeping up with the schedule or how much better my was
companion is than me. I came out here on my mission totally unprepared
both physically and spiritually. I knew a few missionaries that were
in the same situation as I was. They ended up giving up and going
home. I never prayed or read the scriptures, I never payed attention
in Sunday school and seminary and I've never had a real testimony of
anything at all. And because of all that I never understood why we had
the gospel in the first place or why we read the scriptures or why we
even went to church. I faked a lot of things and I regret doing it,
but I can't really blame ignorance.
  I'm really glad you pushed me though, to do things I never wanted to
do. One of them being a mission. You knew I didn't like to talk, you
knew I didn't like meeting people, you knew I struggled with learning
and most of all, you knew I would hate wearing Sunday clothes all the
time! But you pushed me to practice the piano anyway while telling me
"It might not be today, but you'll thank me one day!" You pushed me to
finish my school work, and one day I miraculously did! And now I'm out
here on a mission having fun meeting new people and talking with them
and learning the Gospel 24/7, reading the scriptures, teaching
lessons, giving talks. And I love doing all of it! Even while wearing
my Sunday clothes all the time!!! A lot has changed since the
beginning of my mission. I can testify that God does give us
weaknesses so that we can learn to overcome them and I know that God
doesn't give us anything we can't overcome. Either 12:27 is real, I've
seen it. I've seen it in me, and in other people. A lot of my
weaknesses did become strengths since I've humbled myself and "came
unto him". I still have plenty of weaknesses to overcome, but if I
continue to apply that scripture they will eventually become my
  Thank you Mom and Dad too, for giving me this opportunity to serve
the Lord for two years!!! I've changed soooo much because of this!! I
would extend my mission if I could! I know a mission is hard, but it
will be worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know if I try my best to serve I will become a better person than I
ever thought. Here's your "thank you" you've been waiting for all
these years!

Love you Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ps: thanks for the package Mom!!!!! I still practice the piano! Lol
Look who we ran into!

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