Saturday, August 5, 2017

April 11th 2017

Sorry for the late email! Our wifi in our apartment went out!!!! Dang it!

Hey everyone!!!! I'm getting transferred to Bountiful!!!! Yay a new
area!!! Finally!!!!!! Gosh!!!!!!!!
7 1/2 months in the same area is crazy. I'll definitely miss this
area, along with the awesome members that live here. I guess we won't
be able to "accidentally" bump into each other now. I'm excited to be
somewhere new though. I heard that there are more members up there or
a higher concentration of them at least. Cool. Hopefully I'll find
more awesome members like Michael and Wade and Stephen. I don't think
I talked about Stephen before. Stephen is in his fifties and a convert
of about three years. He grew up in Boston while making a few bad
choices. He's been a drug addict for most of his life and was homeless
for many years. Eventually he decided to change his life and joined a
drug recovery program. After graduating the program he got his life
back on track. Later he started a company of his own and brought the
business to 40 million and sold it. So he became very wealthy at the
time. After searching for different religions he came across the LDS
church and started to investigate. He then decided to be baptized and
later became a service missionary in SLC. He has an amazing story.
After seeing so many homeless it's hard to imagine that he was
actually there at one point.
So my companion is going to be Elder Griffith. Luckily I know him
pretty well. I've seen him ever since I came out here. He also served
in his first area for 7 1/2 months like me!! I think we'll get along
with each other. He says the area is really good. He has 4 people on
date and lots of potentials. Funny enough I actually have 4 on date as

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