Saturday, August 5, 2017

April 18th 2017

My first few days in Bountiful!!!!!!!!! This place is awesome!!! There's so many members here it's ridiculous!! Our area is also really huge, and we don't have a car, but members almost always stop to give us rides. Like every other car that passes by honks at us!! It's almost annoying because our arms get tired of waving. But it's still cool that we get so much support from members. Elder Griffith is super cool! I wish you could meet him. He's 22 and a convert of the church. He has a powerful conversion story. He almost always tears up when he shares it. He's awesome.
So how do you guys like Salt Lake?? If you ever want great pizza go to the Rusted Sun Pizzeria. So far it's the best pizza I've had since I been out here. And I had a lot of pizza too. I've been to Papa murphys, the pie pizzeria, Litsza's pizza, pizzeria limone, big daddy's pizza, Sbarro, and mellow mushroom. And none of them compare to rusted sun. It almost tastes like our home made pizza which is my all time favorite. I guess that's why it tastes so good. There's a ton to do in salt lake though. I've been to the church history museum, the family history library, the Joseph smith memorial building, all of temple square, city creek mall, the church of the Medellin, the mason temple, ensign peak, and liberty park. Btw If you visit the the Joseph smith building go and find the chapel. It has the most amazing chapel. You should go see it. It's on the Mezzanine floor or the "Mez" if you use the elevator. The elevators are scary fast too! It feels like you're taking off in a plane if you go just two floors up. I kind of miss salt lake. But I think I'll love bountiful.
Guess what happened my first day in bountiful? So there was a mutual happening at one of the churches and we were invited to be the main speakers at the activity. It was basically a question and answer "face to face" type activity, but with missionaries instead of apostles. And we were the two missionaries that were to answer any questions the youth would ask. It could be gospel related, mission related or neither. We bore our testimony at the end. It was a lot of fun. Especially when I saw a familiar face back in the audience. He was partially bald and had short orange hair. Probably 50s. Can you guess who it might be? I later found out that he was the ward's organist and pianist for basically every meeting. Super cool to meet him. In the youth priesthood class, we went around the room to share a spiritual experience that had happened the week before. And we got to the guy that I described, and he said that the mutual activity that happened a few days ago was one of the most spiritual experiences he's ever had. What a cool thing to say right? That made us happy when he said that.

Well, I'm excited to be in Bountiful and I can't wait to see what we can do these next 6 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the late email, our new apartment doesn't have any wifi, so we had to find a church building!!!!!! Dang it!!!

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