Saturday, August 5, 2017

April 3rd 2017

Hi again!!!!!! Conference was really great. I'm glad I was able to
attend a live session of conference, something I'll never forget. One
talk that stood out to me in the Sunday sessions was President
Uchtdorfs talk. I remember when he talked about how we shouldn't use fear to
control people. I like it when he says that we can condemn others for
bullying without knowing that we sometimes do it ourselves. For
example we could be driving a little recklessly, cursing and honking
at people calling them slow idiots because we might be late for a
meeting. But at the same time we could also be that slow idiot causing
others to become impatient because we feel no need to rush. I think
there's a lesson to learn from that. We need to recognize our own
faults and to not waste our time pointing out other people's flaws. I
think that it can be really hard to do, I know that my companion
struggles with this even though he may not feel that he does. I've
been with him for three transfers so I should know! We've talked about
it many times. I think he's improving though. Another talk or talks
that I liked was President Monsons talks. I like how they were short
and to the point but pretty powerful. It's sad to see him get old like
that(He should have taken protandim!!!). But he still alive and
talking so that's a good thing to hear. Of course there were a few
other talks that I really liked but off the top of my head Uchtdorfs
and Monsons talks stood out. Which talks did you guys like? Tell me
about it!
  Transfers are coming up soon and I'm getting nervous!! Next
Wednesday I could be heading north. I've been in my area for 7 1/2
months (which is super long in this mission) and I don't plan to stay
for 9! That would be crazy! Also it could be a mission record in a
long time. In one of my past interviews with President he kind of
hinted that I would be staying for one last transfer, but we'll see
what God says about that! I'm getting sick of this area!! (Quite
literally!!! I've been sick sooooo many times this past winter!!) If I
leave I'll definitely miss the zone and the all the members I know.
There are so many good members like Michael in this area. But if God
wants me somewhere else then I know I'll be okay.
  GOOD NEWS!!!!!
This morning I bought a bike!!! Yay!! I can ride again! My companion
is kind of excited about that too. When I lost the donated bike I felt
like I was put in the same boat as a lot of other elders that were
looking for bikes because of President's email. Using the donated bike
really helped me to appreciate lower end bikes, I learned a lot from
it! A $400 bike isn't that bad at all! It might be because it's more
my size, but it's definitely a much better ride!
  The whole bike experience has definitely taught me to be grateful
for what you have and to not take things for granted which is
something that a member tells us all the time. He's one of the "Good"
members that loves to take care of the missionaries. What's cool about
him is that he gives missionaries rules to consider. The first is to
never take him for granted, and the second is to never lie to him.
Surprisingly a lot of missionaries don't care and abuse the blessing
of having a member like that. I don't want to see that coming from me,
I'm trying my best to be grateful for what I have.

Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS: if you see a charge of $455 just know that it's the bike

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