Saturday, August 5, 2017

March 21st 2017

It really looks like the Lord is blessing you guys with great
opportunities! Thanks for informing me about all of that. I pray that
things will work out. That's very exciting!
Things in SLC are great!!! The people are soooo nice. There's Mormon
taxis everywhere!! Just act like you're all burned out from walking
and POOF, free ride haha. But anyway some of the members are just
amazing. You can really tell when someone is truly humble trying their
best to live the gospel. They're always offering us food, medicine, or
a ride if we mention an address or anything that would even cause
somebody to be curious about our transportation. They're always ready
to serve you as soon as you call them. And the best thing is that they
don't expect anything in return, because they do it out of service.
One of those members has been an amazing person
ever since I've arrived in the mission. He's gone through hard times,
very very hardship times. He has three different types of cancer and
is being treated for them. He takes a million bottles of medication
and is in the process of chemotherapy every week. Right now he's
dealing with kidney stones, which he's kind of worried about. And he
also has bone spurs growing in his spine. The crazy thing is that they
can't remove them because they have developed in the inner side of the
body. So he is obviously in tremendous pain because of all of this,
and if it isn't physical pain is could very well be emotional pain of
having to go through all of this. What makes Michael unique is that he
chooses to ignore all of it. He won't let it take away the joy he
feels when serving others. If you we're to meet him you would never
guess in a million years what he could be going through. He been an
amazing influence for me and the many missionaries he's served in the
past. I'm excited that you'll be able to meet him soon! Remember to
not let yourselves instinctively judge people for who they appear.
He's nothing like who I expected!
   I'm really enjoying my time here in SLC. I really can't wait to see
what happens in the next year in a half!
   Today wasn't the typical pday where me and my companion and a few
other elders go to the bowling alley to knock some pins. I haven't
felt very well in the past few days. I have this lump under my neck
that is really really sore, and it's been making me nauseous and
feverish. I went to the doctor to have my blood tested to see if it
was anything to be worried about but the blood tests came out
positive. So apparently it just a bacterial infection causing a gland
swell real big. I was very worried at first and I still kind of am
because of what it looks like. I've been prescribed antibiotics to
help with the infection if there is one, so hopefully things will turn
out good!!
   It's amazing that I used to think that getting sick meant that I
could just cough my way out of doing work, but now when I think about
it, I just see myself wasting time knowing that many blessings and
opportunities await me. I'm really afraid that I'll get back into old
habits when I get home. I really don't want that to happen. It's
happened to a LOT of missionaries I heard. I'm working my best to
change that.

Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: sorry for the late email, that something I need to work on.

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