Saturday, August 5, 2017

March 27th 2017

I feel a lot better now!! I've been super sick with a 102.5 F fever
for the past few days with my infection going on. I don't have a fever
anymore but I still a a small lump on my neck. It's gotten smaller so
that tells me that the antibiotics are doing their job. I got the
probio you sent!! I will definitely start taking them!!!! I've been
sick way too many times this winter and I'm sick of being sick all the
time. It makes being a missionary very miserable. I also need to eat
better more wholesome food! Sadly I can't afford much so I think I'll
"sick" to the ramen and pop tarts! I appreciate those little healthy
snacks you gave me!!! They're awesome!!
Even though I was sick for a long time and wasn't able to do much we
were still able to baptize josleyn and commit one other person to
baptism. Her name is Michelle. She literally called us saying that she
wanted to be baptized! That's crazy! There's so much going on in our
area! We have a few other potentials that seem like they want to be
baptized but we'll see.
MY BIKE GOT STOLEN!!!!!!!!!!! So we were at our appointment and we
locked our bikes to a post before the lesson. Then just 20 minutes
later they were both gone!!!!! We called the Police an....
Just kidding! My bike wasn't stolen but it might as well be!! So
apparently my bike was actually owned by another missionary but it was
given to me because no one claimed it when they found it. And since no
one claimed it they just assumed that a missionary gave it away to the
mission before going home. But just the other day we got a call from
the missionary saying that he needs his bike. It all makes sense
because a couple weeks before we got a letter from the mission
president saying that since the weather is warming up we'll all need
bikes now as a requirement to the mission rules. Even missionaries
with cars are required to "own and maintain and use a bike". Anyway
president is saying that we'll be a lot more productive and efficient
with bikes and so he made it a mission rule. I am currently without
one so now the search is on. I found a couple good lasting bikes at
$400. I think I can afford it, what do you guys think? I know a member
that would probably buy me one but I don't want to feel like a mooch,
and I especially don't want others to think that I just get everything
for free. A lot of missionaries aren't blessed with the same
opportunities as me and that makes me feel selfish. It's also
discouraged that we accept money or goods from members or church
leaders, so I want to make buying a bike my responsibility.
  GOOOO NEEEWS!!!!!!!!!
WE WENT TO COSTCO TODAY!!!!  This Costco was huuuuuuge!!! The isles
were twice as long and the ceil was higher. There was a ton of stuff.
I bought a huge thing of organic soy milk and pop tarts. After we
shopped we of course bought a slice of pizza to finish the day!!!
Wow!! I really miss Costco!! I remember I used to shop with Mom there
all the time! I miss begging Mom to buy everything I touch! I guess
that's Kaylee's job now!  Lol I miss those days!! Anyway I'm happy I
have something organic to eat! Thank you Costco!

Love you family!!!!!!
PS: we got conference tickets for both the Saturday afternoon session
and Sunday morning session!!!!!

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